This vision has been with me since childhood. Every time I see a woman the same double reading happens. This woman is anchored in the society and culture of her time, no doubt about that; she is a contemporary city woman. She is of course unique, has her personality, history, distinctiveness. But what truly fascinates me comes from the second reading, one that concerns a primordial and wild being, capable of the most unexpected surprises. That is because deep down, she has transcended society, culture, and all of their decrees. This is a secret that, for some reason, I have been lucky enough to glimpse.

​​I photograph women in cities. I seek to capture that moment when this double reading is particularly present. And given that the second reading has to do with witnessing a secret, it occurred to me to spread it this way: people could own my photos by wearing them on t-shirts. If the t-shirts are beautiful, aesthetic things, they are also everyday objects, and whoever wears them disseminates the secret subliminally. Others might see just a nice item of clothing without going into the details of what this image represents, even less so the message it carries. But the image and the message are there: the Maenads are right here with us!